Same sustainability, fewer hipsters

There are plenty of fish in the sea, except when there aren't and you're not allowed to eat some of them. That's the continuing credo of Bamboo Sushi's new location on NW Trendy-third, which keeps you from getting run down by a Kilo TT at the original SE 28th spot, and keeps you full of ocean-fresh, Marine Stewardship Council-certified sushi and nigiri that excludes species like bluefin and freshwater eel, whose schools are so small they don't even have water polo teams. Settle down at the long sushi bar or a table in one of several dimly lit rooms to take down 20+ traditional rolls and specialties like the fried oyster-stuffed Ring of Fire, the red crab/ pear Highway 35, and the shrimp/ tuna/ crab Chasing the Dragon, which will have you begging for morphine!If oooh baby you don't like it raw, grab hot goods like brown curry udon, the bacon-y Sumo Burger, and grilled Kobe flank. If oooh baby you like it cheap, Mon-Fri 430-6p happy hours offer pork belly steamed buns, smoked brisket, and roasted yam imo koroshi, not to be confused with just plain-old-roasted Ini Kamoze.Things stay creative at the trippily illuminated bar, which pours sake and classic-cocktail riffs including a Manhattan with Toschi cherry juice, the Paprika Cup (Pimm's, vodka, whiskey, passionfruit), and the cucumber & shochu Shiso Serious -- also what you say about that SE 28th Ave chick with the sleeve tat who just pulled the front brake off her Bianchi.