Chow down on woodland critters

To fill the joint with more game than any of Spike Lee's (although sadly no Rick Fox to lead you into a room filled with adult stars), local wild-animal butcher Nicky USA is teaming with NW 21st French/Tuscan fine-diner Serratto for a dinner where you can stuff your face with woodland creatures and wash 'em down with wine, all while kicking it with executive chef Tony Meyers himself

During the six courser, Tony'll hang around the table and explain his inspirations and influences as you ever so delicately cram your face with get-it-while-it's-still-legal foie gras torchon w/ cascabel chili & huckleberry, before moving on to a round of rabbit confit gnocchi slathered in creme fraiche & brown butter sage ( wise choice, Tony). The meat party rounds out with its two most exotic dishes: wild boar osso buco w/ chanterelles & spaetzle, plus braised water buffalo short ribs w/ hazelnut & roasted bone marrow -- which, if PDX's marijuana reform law passes, will no longer be the only bone that can be roasted in public

Each course gets paired with wine, and on the way out you'll get hooked up with gift certificates to some of Meyers' favorite restos (Chop, Imperial, and Departure), plus you can test your knowledge of game meats during a trivia session that could net you $75 at Paley's Place, so Do The Right Thing, Get on the Bus, and make it there before the 25th Hour. Malcolm X!