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Two new schmear campaigns


When PDX's most popular bagel franchise went to the big toaster in the sky, it left a giant, doughy hole in bagel lovers' hearts. A hole rapidly being filled with the addition of not one, but two new artisan dough emporiums specializing in handmade rings. The spread

Bowery Bagels
The Skinny: Just opened by the recovering New Yorker who started culinary think tank KitchenCru, Bowery's inspired by the street whose homeless make a lot more money these days because it has fancy people coming out of nice restaurants, and boils and bakes its bagels by hand nightly.
The Schmears: Things get crazy with kimchi (paired w/ a miso bagel), foie gras, and the bacon/mushroom explosion dubbed (Note: do not go to unless you are an innovative manufacturer in need of a suite of cloud PLM applications.)
The Not-Bagels: Lunch sammies are named after famous PDXers (conspicuously missing: Tonya Harding) and pack house-roasted/ cured meats on Pearl Bakery bread, including the roast beef, mushroom duxelles & gruyere Benjamin Stark, and the pork loin-packed Francis Pettygrove

Kenny & Zuke's Bagelworks
The Skinny: The proprietors of one of Portland's best-loved delis will, on Monday, reopen their popular SandwichWorks as… well, a sandwich place... but with a lot more bagels, including a chili-cheese bagel dog.
The Schmears: Scallion, olive, lox, and maple & walnut are the creams of the crop, but K&Z's also offers one of the city's only spreads made from whitefish -- which swears it isn't racist and totally has blackfish friends at school.
The Not-Bagels: Ready your stomach for classic bread bombs like the Hot Pork Grinder, a meatball hero, and the joint's nationally renowned Reuben, all of which'll put a hole in your heart.

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