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It's all Greek pizza to them

Published On 10/26/2012 Published On 10/26/2012

Offering the best combination of Italian and Greek since Roberto Benigni rushed Kappa Sig, Opa's a cozy, dine-in/takeout shop with a big window overlooking Sellwood, that's offering a decidedly Grecian twist on Italian staples created by its husband-and-wife owners: he from a village about three hours from Athens, she from an Oregon town that may or may not have a Papa John's. Said pizza (Cretezza?) comes with either housemade marinara or a Greek-style butter-soaked crust, but either way it gets loaded with a ridiculous amount of toppings, as in the Sellwood w/ pepperoni, black olives & Italian sausage, the signature Opa Special w/ spinach & feta, or the garlicky Greek Chicken -- careful, it may actually be Zeus, wanting to have sex with you. They'll gladly pack those ingredients into a football-sized calzone (or a NERF football-sized mini 'zone), or hit up sandwiches like chicken parm, a huge Italian sausage grinder that has nothing to do with the Stallone classic Party at Kitty and Stud's, and a meatball sub of Busey-appeasing proportions. You can also straight Greek out with stuffed grape leaves or classic gyros with housemade tzatziki while slugging a 22oz Ninkasi, Red Hook, or $3.50 pints of HUB, a price that's bound to make you agree that Life is Beautiful.

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1. Opa Pizzaria 8000 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202 (Sellwoodmoreland)

If the name of this place seems odd, it's because it the best way possible. Sellwood's Opa Pizzaria is owned by a husband-wife team, and the husband is from a village about three hours from Athens, you know, in Greece. In a cozy restaurant, Opa is offering dine-in and take-out options that put a decidedly Grecian spin on Italian favorites: opa special pizza (spinach, feta, roasted garlic, green onion, tomatoes), gyro calzones, and baklva for dessert.



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