Food & Drink

It's all Greek pizza to them

Offering the best combination of Italian and Greek since Roberto Benigni rushed Kappa Sig, Opa's a cozy, dine-in/takeout shop with a big window overlooking Sellwood, that's offering a decidedly Grecian twist on Italian staples created by its husband-and-wife owners: he from a village about three hours from Athens, she from an Oregon town that may or may not have a Papa John's.Said pizza (Cretezza?) comes with either housemade marinara or a Greek-style butter-soaked crust, but either way it gets loaded with a ridiculous amount of toppings, as in the Sellwood w/ pepperoni, black olives & Italian sausage, the signature Opa Special w/ spinach & feta, or the garlicky Greek Chicken -- careful, it may actually be Zeus, wanting to have sex with you. They'll gladly pack those ingredients into a football-sized calzone (or a NERF football-sized mini 'zone), or hit up sandwiches like chicken parm, a huge Italian sausage grinder that has nothing to do with the Stallone classic Party at Kitty and Stud's, and a meatball sub of Busey-appeasing proportions.You can also straight Greek out with stuffed grape leaves or classic gyros with housemade tzatziki while slugging a 22oz Ninkasi, Red Hook, or $3.50 pints of HUB, a price that's bound to make you agree that Life is Beautiful.