Some sweet, some savory, all extreme

The folks behind Yakuza and Little Big Burger continue their quest to make you a Big Big Person with Blue Star, which shells out sweet and savory "donuts for adults" -- meaning they have super-complex flavors, not that they're named Jenna Glaze

The magic happens in a sunny open kitchen, where you can watch as they roll out dough, fry it, then dunk the rings in toppings. Yes, that is a full-sized hand holding this one

Those 'nuts run the flavor gamut from horchata-glazed and passion fruit/poppy seed, to boozy efforts like blueberry/bourbon/basil and these fritters made with hard apple cider

These round ones are the size of a softball, and will make you look like you enjoy sports that don't require athleticism or really even movement, thanks to creme brulee or strawberry/jalapeno jam

On the savory side, there're these maple jobs topped with housemade bacon, or made-to-order fried chicken/honey butter-stuffed monstrosities

One thing the Dunkin' dude got right is the pairing of donuts & coffee, so they're also whipping up the gourmet javas and espressos, proving Jenna and her esteemed co-workers aren't the only ones who can put their beans to good use.

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