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Lardo heads to the Westside

Published On 12/06/2012 Published On 12/06/2012

Just like your waistline after all that porchetta, Hawthorne cart-turned-restaurant Lardo has expanded after only five months, taking over sweet digs where Westsiders can dig into the joint's huge beer and cocktail selection while housing signature burgers, cold fried chicken sandwiches, banh mi, and pork rind-laced fries without the labored breathing that comes with crossing the river.

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1. Lardo 1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97205 (Downtown)

With a motto like "Bringing Fat Back," Lardo promises some of Portland's most indulgently carnivorous sandwiches. The term "lardo" actually refers to a specific cut of fatback pork salami that's typically cured with rosemary and other herbs. In the spirit of artisanal salami-curing, this narrow red sandwich joint is all about repurposing traditional meat cuts and charcuterie in more contemporary iterations, as evidenced by the double burger topped with pork pastrami or the spicy meatball banh mi. Even the fries here are loaded with crispy fat and Parmesan. And because no plate of fatback is complete without a beer, Lardo has a rotating selection of craft beers on tap.



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