Not content just with conquering Iron Chef and opening one of downtown's favorite new joints, the dude behind Imperial and Paley's Place has launched the Portland Penny Diner, an upscale breakfast-to-late-night spot rocking an NYC cafeteria vibe and a boozy soda jerk that won't taunt Little Mac between rounds

A huge space in the posh Hotel Lucia has been become an ode to Paley's childhood in Queens. Order at the counter from a glowing menu board, then then plop down on old-school benches and booths.

All-day breakfast includes these homemade Pop Tarts, Reuben croissants, and sammies rocking housemade sausage and duck bologna that isn't another one of Launchpad McQuack's outlandish stories

Lunch and dinner focus on Native American fry bread, which's basically a non-sugared elephant ear and comes stacked with stuff like lamb-neck confit, beef belly, and roasted turkey, or packed with pickled veggies as a banh mi

If you want to keep it healthy, there's this house-smoked hot dog and a side of foie gras poutine soaked in turkey gravy

Cocktails include the Coin Flip with brandy, rum & egg, and the Portland Egg Cream with fernet, chocolate syrup & cream, which should have you going from Little Mac to King Hippo in less than three rounds.

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1. Portland Penny Diner 410 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205 (Downtown)

A New York style do-it-all eatery and bar, the Portland Penny Diner serves breakfast, lunch, cocktails, and of course your end of the night I-think-I' m-going-to-call it-but-I'm-hungry needs.