Eat the Ethiopian way on Alberta: with your hands

No longer just a rallying cry for Duke and Roadblock when facing Cobra Commander, Gojo's also a neon-lit, way-authentic Ethiopian joint on Alberta -- in fact, the only Ethiopian joint in the most densely eatery-populated area in town, which now hosts food from every continent except Antarctica, unless you count ice, and of course delicious krill.The inside of the 28-seater's lit by spotlights the color of the Ethiopian flag (you totally know what they are), plus a huge black light that makes the menus (and any gross stains you don't want that Room Raiders chick to see) glow while casting light on African wood carvings and illuminating random puffs of incense. That's overpowered by the arrival of dishes served underneath a woven basket on a silver platter lined with injera bread, which you'll have the joy of eating with your hands after it gets topped with mightily traditional offerings like Alicha Wot beef curry, the Gojo Kitfo Special w/ steak tartare, spiced butter, housemade cheese & collard greens, and Shekia Tibs, which're beef cubes w/ spicy butter served on a warm clay plate, not Sidney Poitier slapping racist cops in the heat of the night.The bar'll soon start serving beer, wine, and cocktails, but until then it's brewing crazily strong Ethiopian coffee -- and in the Ethiopian tradition, it's considered rude to refuse the offer of coffee from your host, even if you're a freak who hates coffee. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.