Culinarily twisted ice cream

Putting meat in your ice cream is largely ill-advised, for starters, because it leaves you with very Cold Stones. For innovative ice cream from folks you should holler at, even though they likely will not give you a dollar, check out Salt & Straw, opening today with a special just for Thrillist readers.

Rocking flavors actually developed in the labs of OSU's Food Innovation Center, Salt's a cheery old-timey ice cream cart dishing out eight envelope-pushing varieties made from ingredients like beer, basil, and bacon, and named for how the timeless treat was stored back in the day: in huge barns full of Angelina Jolie DVDs salt and straw. Using 100% local, small-farm-sourced ingredients, savory options include soon-to-be-scooped Olympic Provisions coppa and melon, plus a currently on-roster malty Lurelwood brown ale job with bacon chunks; the latter's made even better when paired with a chocolate/ Finale brownie scoop in the "Thrillist Cone", which'll net you entry into their Icecreamist Club, offering member perks including special preview tastings and free New Year's Champagne sorbet, unless of course they totally drop the ball. Sweetness brings twists like strawberry with honey balsamic and fresh cracked pepper; icy lemon with a smack of basil; and a caramel number that wraps ribbons of the candy in salty ice cream, though you'd be tough and aggressive too if people screamed every time you came around.

While the cart'll be serving in a quiet courtyard on Alberta St, there're plans for a brick 'n mortar parlor later this summer, where they hope to also churn out sundaes, floats, and even a split, which's what your girlfriend'll do when she sees exactly what you've been doing with your pralines and...d**k.