Beer ice cream and killer nosh on Alberta

A bad day can push you to achieve the incredible, from Jesus' starting a world religion, to Capt. Sully's rekindling a belief in heroism, to Daniel Powter's resulting in a one-hit wonder song everyone completely lov...wait, people don't like that one? Even with the catchy chorus? It's so relatable! For a resto built from the seeds of a frustrating 24 hours, check out Aviary, opening today.From a trio of longtime cohorts, Aviary's a smallish, elegant, eclectically appointed noshery conceived after a terrible New York fine-dining work shift prompted a frustrated chef to place a break-time call to her two pals, suggesting they all ditch the Big Apple to build a Rose City eatery combining their Asian, French & seasonal New American culinary skills, because "you can only be in NY so long before it burns you out", which, thankfully for the Blazers, is not as true as Camby. The small plates 'n seasonal dish selection provides a tasty autobiographical voyage, via eats like roast goose salad w/ sweet soy & mint (inspired by a jaunt to Hong Kong), Arctic char confit (spawned by a French trip), and cauliflower veloute with shiso, chestnuts, and American caviar, because if your nuts are on your chest, you should probably see a sturgeon. Larger plates continue the theme of combining multi-cuisine goodness, with Asia-influenced pork ribs in tamarind glaze; seared rockfish w/ shrimp 'n bacon; as well as a crispy pig's ear dish w/ coconut rice, created when the once-housemates were combining leftovers, which although they were living in Portland, did not result in pad thai pizza cheese fries, meaning your food truck concept is still in play.Aviary also rocks a wine list featuring American French-inspired varietals, plus a dessert menu sporting beer ice cream (yes, beer ice cream) and they hope to expand to an informal lunch service in the near future, though even on a bad day, don't expect a sullen burger.