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The Westside's beloved butchers, now bringing the goods to North Williams

When you've got your own place, you get to decorate how you like, stop worrying about housemates tracking dirt everywhere, and watch all the soccer you want, which is awesome despite the fact it took a drunken army to make it happen. Rocking a new Eastside joint all their own: Chop.

The folksy...folks behind Chop's posh Northwest City Market meat counter were kind enough to open a NoPo deli/ sandwich shop/ charcuterie factory behind Tasty and Sons' back glass wall, through which eaters can view a huge sign carved into a well-used butcher block, a sandwich board raised and lowered by bike pedal, and a meat-stuffed cold case, also an episode of the CBS procedural guest-starring Jose Canseco and his brother Ozzie. Just for the Eastside, Chop comes with a tidy list of substantial hand meals on Grand Central bread, like The Danish (housemade ham, Havarti, cucumber & mustard on sourdough), and The Patriot, tossing in turkey, New York cheddar, red onions, roasted red bells, mayo, and oil/ vinegar on a bolo roll, all of them meant to meet their goal of making "no bull**** sandwiches", so you can be assured they don't taste like crap. The new digs are also a USDA-certified curing facility, meaning more goodness like spicy coppa, five-month-aged rolled pancetta from super fatty Hood-raised Red Wattle hogs, and spicy picante salami showcasing their new American style with a hint of sourness and "bold but balanced flavors", though it's amazing that dude can balance at all with that huge clock around his neck.

Because there's more to life than just meat unless you're Jose/Ozzie Canseco, Chop's also offering a new selection of cheeses like Rivers Edge smoked maple leaf-wrapped chev, specialty items like house-pickled ramps, and'll soon be offering wine, which Portlanders learned not too long ago will totally get you a new stadium if you do it enough.