Authentic Mexican and authentic-er tequila

Tequila has a fantastic reputation for being one of the best party-starters around, and now that she came out as a lesbian you know said get-togethers will have hella babes. For a place with enough tequila to give anyone a shot at love, check out Mextiza.

From the cats who've been high-ending Mexican cuisine at Authentica, classy-casual Mextiza is doing small-plate-yet-NOT-tapas dishes (they swear) created from original homestyle Mexican recipes, which you can pair with a wall of agave elixirs in digs rocking a massive bar and interior elements like shelves and wainscoting made from salvaged fir pickets, which're also favored by PETA members who suck at spelling. Oft-unseen Mexican delights include pasilla chili-sauced, slow-simmered shredded pork Chilorio w/ housemade bolillo bread; rotisserie goat w/ potatoes, pintos & chili vinegar sauce; Oaxaca-style chicken/ potato/ chipotle fried dumplings; and even a sandwich with habanero mayo and fried tongue, as opposed to the usual cooking method of Simmonsing them. You can also taste your way through 60 brands of tequila, almost all with reposado and anejo options, including insanely rare sips like Clase Azul reposado aged 6mo in French oak (one of 100 bottles made), plus the American-oaked Partida Elegante Extra Anejo, which’re buttressed by 'tails like the Damiana liqueur/ Prosecco/ grapefruit Flor de Amor, which translates to “Flower of Love”, so yeah, don’t translate that.

To keep things fresh, they plan to change up the menu on a regular basis based on what the customers are digging, and will soon be bringing in a massive rotisserie, which basically also describes Tila’s parties...get after it, girls!!