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Get fudged in Beaumont

Put that kale chip down right now and get your butt to Hattie's Sweet Shop's coastal town-style digs in Beaumont, because behind its saccharine doors lie handmade treats and old-school candies that'll rot your inner child's baby teeth in no time

Operated by a chemist with access to the sweets recipes used by her grandma who doesn't even know what Manganese is, Hattie's specialty is fudge, which's displayed in a huge case, from which you can sample flavors from Red Velvet to Rocky Road. Others things you'll want to eat: pumpkin cream-stuffed choco-Turkeys, a huge array of bulk candies (Warheads!), dozens of homemade licorice varieties, and everything in the "Nostalgic" section stuffed with Big League Chew, Cup-O-Gold, and Pop Rocks, for people who are nostalgic about Mikey from the Life commercials dynamiting his stomach with them and a Coke

There're also some gigantic takes on classics, including a 5lb gummy bear (the equivalent of 1,400 regular ones), an even bigger one with a belly full of gummi worms (for simulating the cutest disembowelment ever!), and a 1lb, foot-long Sugar Daddy that'll have you unable to fit through doors, saccharine or not.