Delicious crepes move out of the trailer

Run by a lady who once held it down at SF's lauded Chez Panisse, Suzette Creperie formerly spent a quiet life spinning batter out of an Airstream on Alberta, but's now brick n' mortaring in an airy joint on Belmont with added seating and a full bar to make the whole shebang "more adult", which’s exactly what William Hung did with his less-popular “Smooth Jazz Remix.”

The Space: Settle into one of 43 seats in the cavernous, high-ceilinged, circa-1923 digs, or hit the tiny lounge or leather-seated bar to view an open kitchen with three crepe griddles, not to be confused with crepe girdles, which Christina Aguilera has been using to try and look slim, although she always just ends up eating them.

The Booze: A full cocktail list designed by startender Tommy Klus of Kask features classics like the tequila/ Pamplemousse Rose Paloma, the Vieux Carre, which drowns a massive square ice cube in brandy, rye, vermouth, Benedictine, and bitters, and the Cesar Martini with vodka, lemon, and pastis, an anise-based liqueur that became popular in France as an alternative to absinthe, for people who didn’t have want too much green.

The Food: While change is good if it brings you delicious Pamplemousse Rose cocktails, Suzette's thankfully kept the menu stable, so you can score all the go-tos in addition to its little-known weekend prix fixe brunch offering specialized fun like a crepe with prosciutto, caramelized onion, Gruyere, fried egg -- aka Paula Abdul's brain on whatever pharmaceutical she's on this week.