The back fat of the land

Sometimes the name says it all, but that won't stop Lardo's from being repeated, as it's what people will be calling you once you're addicted to their sandwiches piled high with house-cured meats.What it lacks in splashy decor -- brown hues and a light-up "PIG OUT" sign mark the interior -- this brick & mortar expansion of the beloved food cart makes up for with artery-clogging bread bombs packed with so much HAM they make Jay-Z look soft. Chalkboard mainstays include the signature Porchetta w/ caper aioli & gremolata, a griddled mortadella & provolone number w/ pickled peppers & house mustard, and the Smoked Coppa Cubano, not to be confused with the Smoked Copacabana, the meaty details of which are highly unappetizing. That namesake cured pork back fat's melted into a sauce for a pork-belly-topped double burger, and used to fry the herb & parm spuds that can be loaded w/ marinated hot peppers & deep-fried pig scraps if you want 'em Dirty (note: Christina Aguilera definitely does).What's more, you can take all that goodness out onto their enormous patio whilst sipping various Collins-es, sours, and tapped brews that include Firestone's Walker's Wookey Jack, Boneyard's Hop Venom, and an IPA from Gigantic -- you can say that again!