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Pies to get fired up about

Like a glistening, muscle-bound Danielle Steel hero, Handsome Pizza toils away day and night chopping wood and feeding it into a fiery stove, then... um... pumping out burning-hot pizza in a converted service station in the middle of North Killingsworth's Refuel cart pod

Heated both by the wood stove and overhead heat lights, it'lll make you feel like you just stepped out of a shower with way too many clothes on. Further rustic-ness comes from a picnic table-dominated floor lit by overhead lamps covered in old comic strips, For Better Or For Worse

Pizzas are cooked in about two minutes in a stove that blazes 902 degrees hotter than Drew Lachey. They include the Rico Suave w/ ricotta, aged mozz, cracked pepper & a bandana, and the Sausage y Fromage w/ housemade fennel-meat & hot peppers, plus there're seasonals from squash to Brussels sprouts

During daily 4-6p happy hours you can score $1 tallboys, $2 Terminal Gravity IPA & Caldera Amber bottles, plus 22oz-ers of Upright's Saison and Commons' Urban Farmhouse -- the perfect setting for the seduction of a coy yet sexually precocious maiden at the strong hands of a handsome Italian... restaurant.