Food & Drink

Saturday (and other days) in the park

It used to be, drinking while watching the pretty Pearl District crowd cooling off in the fountain and sunbathing at Jamison Square would quickly get you sprayed with mace. Well, those halcyon macing days are a thing of the past! But at least you can still do the first couple parts, thanks to the opening of jamison.Named not for the whiskey but for the adjoining park (itself named for a philanthropist who hopefully liked the whiskey, as those hip philanthropists tend to), intentionally lowercase jamison boasts a huge, chandelier-laden dining room with massive open windows and patio seating, so you can soak up the sun and watch as kids and their MILFs splash around in the busy Square. Small plates pack huge flavor, and include whole roasted garlic, spicy/ citrus-y charred octopus, tuna tartare, and crisp gnocchi that more-cultured Fred Durst would do it all for. As plates get bigger, so does the protein quotient in beastly dishes like bone-in ribeye, pan-roasted duck, bavette steak, petite lamb chops, and pork belly pave, which a confused Louie Anderson just hired a specialty contractor to do to his driveway.Over at the bar, a fruit-filled mixology-heavy menu's loaded with treats like the bourbon/ elderflower Squeezy Bee and the rum/ egg white Portland Fizz, seas of wine, and a modest beer selection that includes three micro taps and Modelo Especial topped w/ jumbo shrimp and mango/ habanero salsa -- so don't rub your eyes, lest they feel like they did when some really hot mom didn't like you drinking Mad Dog in the fountain at First Thursday.