Food & Drink

Leave the money, take the ravioli

Fiddle while your wine-marinated lamb doesn't burn, then try to avoid poisoning your stepbrother Britannicus at Gallo Nero, a laid-back Italian eatery smack-dab in the Pearl boasting a sun-soaked dining room and a sidewalk patio, where you can watch attractive women roll by with their even-more-attractive dogs.

A Florence native pieced together a highly pronounceable menu that kicks off with affettati e formaggi misti (cheeses & cured meats w/ fresh fruit & honey, duh), chicken liver, capers & anchovy bruschetta dubbed Fegatini, and shredded fennel & beet salad, also the t-shirts all the cadets wore around the week Army played salad in football. Fresh pasta includes porcini risotto, slow-cooked ragu, and ricotta ravioli, while big stuff is all about Chianti-cooked filet mignon, massive shrimp & calamari skewers, and the fresh-shellfish-loaded Seafood Stew, or what they call the SportsCenter anchor every time he celebrates his birthday at Red Lobster

The joint'll soon use its deli counter to assemble sandwiches with meat supplied by Chop, and currently rocks a simple brunch menu with frittatas, scrambles, and risotto topped with poached eggs, which luckily for you, are Nero-ly impossible to burn.