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Country Cat Adam Sappington tells you how to whip it up

Because the Summer deluge of burgers, brats, and Uncle Wally lighting bottle rockets out of his teeth can eventually get tiresome, Country Cat owner Adam Sappington wants to make you a BBQ baller with this Sappy Spice Chicken recipe you should immediately add to My Thrillist: a simple, succulent bird with a super-top-secret spice rub. Or, formerly super-top-secret, once you watch the above vid and download the recipe card.

Said card'll tell you how to create a flavor bomb of fennel seed, paprika, lemon pepper, garlic powder, and Herbs de Provence (some mixes contain lavender; don't get those). Then, rub the clucker down before cooking over indirect heat until the skin gets a bacon-y crunch, while the meat on the inside stays so tender, even toothless Uncle Wally'll be able to feast.

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