Food & Drink

No pineapples, yes smoked meats

Apparently the name Baby Action Figure Pizza was already taken, but make no mistake: Baby Doll Pizza's a big badass of a pie joint that delivers in the 'hood and stays open until 3a on weekends to satiate the hungry hordes emerging from neighboring The Goodfoot's packed Soul Night and Phish tribute shows.It's run by a Bronx expat who's delivering foldable slices, 18in pies, and a slap in the mouth if you mention pineapple (seriously -- there's a giant sign with a huge "X" through Spongebob's house), so instead gun for meatiness like quarter-sized pepperonis, sopressata, prosciutto, spicy house sausage, and smoked brisket, which apparently also went to that Phish tribute show. If you hate pizza, you should really see a doctor, but before that you can grab sandwiches (roasted turkey, meatball, Italian), all of which're extra delicious when paired with local taps like Burnside's Alter Ego and Migration's Dry Hop, plus bottles including Lost Coast Great White, Ninkasi Maiden The Shade, and a Red Ale by Phat Matt's, who was somehow not a Garbage Pail Kid that lost popularity once white people started collecting it.During the 2-6p & 10p-midnight daily happy hour, you can snag a pint and a cheese slice for just $5 (plus $1 Rainier tallboys!), while at lunch they'll throw you two slices and a 22oz for $10 -- just be careful if you choose the Oakshire Espresso Stout, which'll have you bouncing 'round the room if you drink it too fast, and nobody likes that.