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Local ingredients & secret menus? DAT sounds fantastic!

Who DAT? Not just a phrase uttered by B-list rappers and slurring Saints fans, it's also the codename of chef David Anthony Temple, a culinary road-tripper who splits time between Dallas and NOLA when he's not bringing his cuisine to places like PDX for top-secret meals as part of his Underground Dinner series. Luckily for you, you're reading these words right now, which means you can get exclusive first dibs on an until-now secret, once-in-a-lifetime meal

DAT exclusively uses local ingredients from each city, much of it foraged; dat means DAT'll be spending his Wednesday crawling around forests and Mt. Hood looking for greens and mushrooms, even though they're much easier to find at bluegrass night at LaurelThirst. DAT's in San Francisco tonight, and that menu gives a glimpse at the kind of fare he'll be sizzling up here: blackened petrale sole, Kobe tri-tip, hog jowl gazpacho, and roasted rabbit w/ blackberries & champagne vin, who also starred in The Fast and the Kinda Silly and Giddy

Again, just for reading handsome email newsletters, you get first crack at RSVPing for DAT at Jam On Hawthorne Thursday night. Again again, the grander details are being kept purposely secret, but you can definitely expect white truffles, ahi tuna poke, and bourbon-braised Kobe, and fresh huckleberries, a word most often uttered by a slurring Val Kilmer.