Food & Drink

A hidden, dude-friendly wine bar

An "enopub" from the Fausse Piste urban winery dudes, sign-eschewing Sauvage's hellbent on forgoing the common wine bar perception (i.e., for not-male people) via a meaty menu and clandestine wood-/brick-/wine barrel-heavy digs, which you'll never find if you don't keep reading. First, enter the unmarked door (the #537 address is on there) to the west of J&M, then roll past confused office drones who really need to go home to their families before you find the door discretely marked "Sauvage". You made it! Now stop reading and go in!Celebrate your ability to follow directions with smoked chicken wings, house charcuterie boards, and other mainstays that bolster a menu rotating meaty entrees like smoked trout terrine, foie gras rillettes with stuffed dates, and smoked bison tongue, which is also what the top boss in Street Fighter got when Dhalsim hit him with the Yoga Flame. Of course, all that's ripe for wine pairings including their own Fausse Piste varieties (fermented in the adjoining barrel room), plus vintages from Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, and beyond. If you prefer beer, you're definitely at the right wine bar, and should grab a bottle of Stiegl Goldbrau lager or, if you're really classy, pop a tallboy of Old German, hailing from zee highlands of far-off Pittzburgh and retailing for about 2 Deutsche Marks at der 7-11.Expanded menus/hours are forthcoming, but for now Sauvage's only open Wed-Sat, which should still hopefully give you more than enough time away from your own family.