Shut Up and Eat... these delicious Italian sandwiches

If you like restaurants that firmly order you around, you'll love Shut Up And Eat, the former food cart that's plating Italian sandwiches and soft-opening today in a stripped-down, stainless-steel-clad Gladstone brick-and-mortar.Served alongside house-made chips, those massive sammies run the gamut from an Italian hoagie with five meats and three cheeses, to the Broad St. Bomber cheesesteak, to a deep-fried mozz bomb called the Panzerotti, to a traditional meatball with not-so-traditional red gravy (also a favorite during Thanksgiving at Shawshank). They're also catering to non-9-to-5ers (so, all of Portland) with all-day, hand-held breakfast: homemade biscuits housing cheesy eggs w/ roasted peppers, butternut squash w/ maple sausage, or a monolithic combo of thick-cut bacon, eggs, and double the cheese, also the tagline for the new Tyler Perry movie What's In This Movie? Beer includes Anchor Porter, Victory HopDevil, and Mama's Little Yella Pils, and there's a rotating menu of 16oz Mason jar cocktails like herb-infused vodka lemonade, a gin gimlet, and a housemade whiskey ginger, a drink so tasty you'll want to order a round.