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Temper your loneliness with turkey & steak

If you're not going home for Thanksgiving, there's no need to wallow in a chasm of loneliness filled only with Chinese food and the sneaking suspicion that your parents didn't actually win a trip to "space", since local restaurants're more than ready to give you the bird, potatoes, and pie, plus some stuff that definitely wasn't at Plymouth, including seafood, steak, and duck. Here's what's for dinner

Imperial: The brand-new downtown spot from Iron Chef champ Vitaly Paley's working up traditional items on its huge wood-fired grill, including spit-roasted bird (and turkey-leg confit), plus stuffed seabass, duck meatballs that aren't UO fullbacks, mainly because UO doesn't do fullbacks, and ultra-thick pork chops w/ leeks. Get a seat

Urban Farmer: Offering Babylonian-style excess in a tower above Pioneer Square, Farmer's five-courser gives you entree choices like honey-roasted bird, a NY strip, and apple-roasted pork, plus small plates like duck prosciutto and buffalo carpaccio, enough of which will make you extremely wide right. Snag a reservation

Andina: The Pearl's culinary Machu Picchu's rocking a three-course Peruvian feast where you pick from dozens of tapas and ceviches before choosing between slow-roasted turkey w/ quinoa-hazelnut stuffing, roasted mahi w/ bacon broth, cheese/pear-stuffed pork loin, and a gigantic king oyster mushroom-topped filet, the serving of which would also make Pilgirms full of Pride. Book your feast here.