Food & Drink

Continental meals that put Best Western to shame

Now open for lunch in simplistically chic, 100-seat digs with so many windows you'd swear you were sitting amidst the mossy flora outside, Market specializes in the pan-Euro type of continental cuisine that Christopher Walken is likely serving alongside champagne and slipped mickeys in his creepy palatial apartment right now

The menu's set to change about every other week, but at opening is highlighted by sandwiches loaded with roasted pork & grilled opah (moonfish, but "opah!" is way more fun to scream at waitresses), while entrees include butter-poached prawns w/ gnocchi, fettuccine w/ broccoli rabe, and grilled game hen w/ panzanella, a warm bread salad that more than makes up for the salad part with the bread part. Things'll stay relatively static drinkwise, with a small tap selection featuring Double Mountain Hop Lava IPA and Upright's Five Pale Ale, plus a craft cocktail list rocking the tequila/mezcal Isn't That A Daisy, a blackberry julep called the Bridgetown Smash, and the Red Shoes, which is loaded with Calvados, cranberry & creme de Duchovny cassis

While dinner's not starting full-time until Saturday, Market's hosting reservations-only, three-course preview suppers Thurs & Fri, which may include stuff like grilled peaches w/ prosciutto, albacore carpaccio, and pan-roasted salmon with Thai basil so spicy, you'll say "How! Howie-how-how-how can anyone's taste buds handle this?!"