Donut + Cheeseburger + Free = Danger Zone!

Portland has many myths -- Sasquatch, a playoff-caliber Blazers squad, a stripper whose given name is really Cinnamon -- but this Friday marks the return of something so elusive, so ridiculously conceived, and so utterly amazing, that it'll only be appearing for 90 scant minutes before disappearing again: The Original's Donut Burger, which has been absent for more than two years, except in your more artery-endangering dreams

Oh, and it's completely free in celebration of the high-class diner's third anniversary

The cardiovascular equivalent of base jumping without a parachute, the ODB is exactly what it sounds like, and every bit as delicious: a cube of tender, medium-rare Highland Farms beef dripping with cheese and sandwiched between a sawn-in-half, house-fried glazed donut. To get it, just hit the bar at happy hour (430-6p) and order any drink, like the new Cosby Shot (puddin' with liquor such as limoncello) or house-crafted sodas, then realize you just sentenced yourself to be outlived by that playoff-caliber Blazers myth.