Food & Drink

The most delicious Nudi colony ever

If you're ever in a position to take a business dinner with Frodo Baggins, you'd be wise to skip Saruman the White Castle and bring him right to Nudi, an Asian-fusion noodle shop in an old, Shire-style house filled with low door frames, rusty antique lanterns and tools, tons of exposed wood, and a chandelier covered in artificial turf and moss

The standard, mostly Thai side of the menu's titled "Well Known", and counts incendiary Devil Wings, rangoons, curries, and the shrimp, squid, clams, or crab Pad See Lew, also the name of the vacation house next to the one Lou Diamond Phillips parades around in naked. The "Nudi Signature" half's way more fusiony, with the spaghetti-, chili-, and shrimp-dominated Alla KeeMow; the roasted duck/ seafood/ pork Su Xi Tai Hao (served dry or as a soup); and the pig-crazy Commander Noodle that includes ground pork and pork liver/rinds, plus rice noodles, shrimp, and fish balls, or when the fish get all dressed up and nervous because they have to invite a cute girl from their school. School!

The drinks menu seems to aim for a fusion of your face and the floor, thanks to bottled microbrews, warm and cold sake, and a cocktail list that keeps things as interestingly off-kilter as the food, including the Dead After Five w/ Patron, clove & fingerroot; the lavender, Shochu & blue curacao Oppa-Oppa; and the Cockspur rum/matcha green tea Handsome, or what you likely won't be after banging your face on all those tiny, Bilbo-sized doorways.