Michigan's loss is DC's weight gain

When it comes to food, one city's trash is another city's treasure, especially if you're in Detroit, and -- hey, are you going to finish that trash? For actually mouthwatering eats that another city tossed aside, feast on the Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine, just hitting the streets today.

Driven down to DC after the city council of Ann Arbor pulled the regulatory plug on them right before launch, PORC's a mobile barbecue shack slopping steaming goodness from a heavily decaled (animals in the letters!) truck the owners built themselves in a friend's barn thanks to one's aerospace background -- though unlike the Astronaut Farmer, you'll actually want to finish his sandwiches. The three main meat-wiches all come on a locally baked hot dog bun, and include:

Pulled Pork: "Lovingly rubbed in secret spices", they offer it with a choice of tomato-, chipotle-, or vinegar-based sauces to avoid regional BBQ pigeonholing, a flexibility they've dubbed "Ann Arbor barbecue", which's also noteworthy for not being overly Rich.

16-hour Smoked Beef: Served with coleslaw, the cow's hickory-and applewood-cooked so "low and slow" that even Mike D might consider it "Finger Lickin Good".

Gourmet Sausages: They'll be rotating 20 different varieties, but first up are a chipotle beef chorizo (with pico de gallo/radish/queso fresco) and a bratwurst (with beer-braised onions and German mustard), all fresh from Maryland's "New York Times-lauded" Simply Sausage, though the mention was probably just because Gail Collins got confused by the name, that little tart.

Despite being "unabashed carnivores", PORC's also got a meatless "Best Damn Veggie Burger" made from a secret recipe with over 12 different vegetables and, umm, -- hey, are you going to finish that trash?