A mobile pizza oven for your next backyard party

While pizza is the greatest thing ever, you generally have to sacrifice something to get it at home, whether it's the lack of fresh-from-the-oven taste, or the fact that that creepy "Papa" dude IS INSIDE YOUR FREAKING HOUSE!! AAAAAAHH!!! Trumping delivery by turning your backyard into a pizzeria, S & J Woodfire Pizza.

S & J's a stone-fronted wood-burning mobile pizza oven that'll hook up your tailgate or backyard party with on-the-spot handtossed 'za made with homemade ingreeds, started by a Tucker couple who met three years ago as ER nurses (wait, male nurses do get laid?!) and got to know each other over shared pizzas in the breakroom. The 800-degree oven churns out crispy charred 'za in 90 secs, and they come equipped with everything needed to bake as many pies as you can put down in three hours, including chopped wood, herbs from their own garden, meats from Madison, GA's BPH Farms (prosciutto, bacon, salami...), homemade sauce, and spring water dough, which takes "two days to rise"...ooooh, where you at now, Jesus?! Recommended premium pie toppers include andouille sausage, shrimp, and roasted corn with cream sauce; clam and chile w/ white wine seafood sauce; and goat cheese, jack, and poblano chili sauce, while additional offerings include Greek salads, French bread bruschetta, and homemade Romano cheese pretzels, which Everyone Loves, except when there's a "Brad Garrett twist".

They're also scheduled to appear in a gang of local festivals such as the end-of-March Conyers Cherry Blossom Fest, and you can keep up with the truck's travels and upcoming events via their blog "Out of the Garage and into the Limelight", hopefully the trajectory Papa will also take, except instead of limelight, it's "police lights".