Bullish eats in La Jolla

The food service industry really isn't that different from Wall Street: both are fast-paced, risky, and rely heavily on propagating baseless pyramid schemes. Who the hell could eat 11 pasta servings a day?! For fine eats from former finance fiends, check out Finch's Wine Bar & Bistro.

Just sprung open in the former Cafe Lavande spot and helmed by a couple back from a ten year stint in the world of New York finance, Finch's wrought iron entryway opens into a lush patio with fountain-side courtyard dining, which in turn accesses both a dark wood "European style" dining room, and an L-shaped wicker chair'd wine bar -- also the only piece of exercise equipment on which Rip Torn will do pull-ups. Lunch kicks off at 11a, with breakfast subs like an upscale take on "Bacon and Eggs" rocking tomato/ avo/ Roquefort cheese/ red wine vinaigrette, plus sandos like the honey mustard/ green chile/ pepperjack "Green Apple Turkey", and the artichokes/ roasted sweet red peppers/ black olives "Tuna Italia", something Pavarotti's clearly held many of. Come supper, there's app-age like garlic potatoes with chorizo (served with a sundried tomato aioli), zanily named entrees like "Meat and Potatoes" (natural Angus filet/ porcini butter/ red wine jus and Gorgonzola potato risotto/ roasted garlic spinach), and desserts like a chocolate "sandwich" wedging maple bourbon bacon ice cream between two pieces of French toast...something Pavarotti's clearly held many of.

Bistro-worthy boozing comes via a 30-strong worldly wine list featuring the likes of the vaunted "Fog Dog" from the Joseph Phelps winery in Napa, which you'd have to take like three a day of if you were to actually try and eat all those grains.