Food & Drink

Pasta pushin’ porchetta peddlers

Just popping up to service Girard with fine Italian goodies, Ariccia's the shiny new baby of two gourmand lovebirds, all spruced up by a custom, market-spanning marble counter, whisk/ladle light fixtures, a chandelier made from tiny bottles of olive oil, and pretty much everything else you need to take your culinary cred from Boyardee to Batali. Except for the Crocs

Cook Italian: Say buongiorno to fresh-made pasta staples like squid ink fettuccine, then say whatever is Italian for "I will see you occasionally" to rotating gems like roasted-beet agnolotti and -- holy crap -- beer & pretzel spaghetti

Shop Italian: Peruse the racks for specialty oils and vinegars, truffled salts and spices, craft beers and wine, plus enough charcuterie like guanciale and lardo to give a militant vegan a heart attack, and everyone else a... heart attack, eventually.

Eat Italian: Run in (on weekends to start) for their claim-to-fame: porchetta sandwiches stacked with slices of seasoned pork loin that's been rolled in pork belly and deep-fried skin, and then forget about running anywhere else for a long, long time, which is really much more in tune with Batali anyway.

Photo by Robert Pascucci