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Even cooler than Brigitte

The saying, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" proves it: ice cream elicits terror in the hearts of men. But Bardot in La Jolla is aiming to change that by slinging ridiculously decadent hand-dipped ice cream bars that'll keep you from screaming, if only because your mouth will be full. So scare up some excitement for highlights like the: New York, NY: Nope it doesn't taste like folded pizza and rudeness. But it does taste like a layer of strawberry ice cream, a layer of cream cheese ice cream & graham cracker crust, all covered in 40% milk Belgian chocolate. The Scarlet Letter: Eat three layers of chocolate (60% dark Belgian, 40% milk, and white) all covered in both white and dark chocolate, then prepare to be publicly shamed/harangued by the town fathers from a scaffold in the middle of the square. Lucifer's Dream: Everyone knows the Devil loves Prada? S'mores, which is why this pup consists of marshmallow ice cream stuffed w/ dark chocolate, graham crust & marshmallow bites, all covered in 60% dark chocolate. Southern Belle: With Key lime & frozen meringue ice cream, graham crust, and white chocolate, the SB doesn't seem scary, though eat too many and it might just elicit terror in the heart of your heart.