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Street food fit for a casa

San Diego

Elevating Mexican street food to at least a third or fourth story, Puesto is an "upscale fast-casual" taqueria from two La Jolla bros and a Mexico City-born chef, who'll be whipping up meticulously crafted tacos in a brick-walled Wall St. joint with graffiti murals by local Chor Boogie, who works nights to ensure their size becomes legendary.

Don't be scared to:

Select a Base: You can mix and match all your heart desires, though they recommend pairing a meat (carne asada, pollo al pastor, camarones, etc.) with one of their second glance-worthy non-meats like potatoes & chiles or huitlacoche that's often described as either “corn truffles” or “a fungus that grows on corn untreated by fungicide”. Eat up!

Select Your Goodies: After they grill up that huitlacoche, top off your tacos with standards like avo, cilantro, and onion, then get crazy with heat-rated salsas like the pistachio and jalapeno “Pistache” or chipotle/ hibiscus “Jamaica”, which is usually way too much of a jerk to mess with flowers.

More Selections! If you're a total weirdo don't like tacos made with tortillas made before your very eyes, throw your cheesy/ meaty goods into a bowl with jasmine/ brown rice and black beans, or get a salad topped with grilled salmon, and watch everyone enjoying their huitlacoche lose total respect for you.

Bonus Insider Info: Ask for a stuffed jalapeno when choosing your meat and they'll grill up your cheese inside a gutted pepper, leaving you so stuffed, they'll have no choice but to Rollergirl you out of there.

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