Food & Drink

An easily overlooked gem in La Jolla

Because The Slutty Fork sounded a little too PB, the owners of The Promiscuous Fork in La Jolla opted for the more PC version -- a stationary incarnation of their catering biz, now plating perfected-over-time dishes in quaint digs across from The Shack, featuring a four-seat bar in the back, a high-top community table, and, up front, a partitioned bar that you can sit at either in or outside.

The menu is kept thankfully simple, with smaller eats like Kailua pork quesadillas with caramelized onions & smoked gouda, blackened salmon tacos with cheddar (doused in a sweet chili-Sriracha sauce), and wings three-ways, though inevitably one'll end up feeling awkward and chicken out. If, like The Little Mermaid while singing "Part of Your World", you want more, opt for Surf & Turf Grilled Cheese with housemade crab Louie, pastrami, aged white cheddar & provolone on sourdough, a quad of 1/2lb burgers (try the blue cheese & port-braised onion-topped “Ana's Code Blue”), or a bacon-wrapped BBQ shrimp po' boy with Baconnaise & white cheddar on an Amoroso roll, as the Omarosa kind tends to be incredibly unpopular with the public.

If the appetite's light, they've got bottled surf trip reminders (Primo, Imperial, etc.) as well as six taps of locals, because if you're tapping locals, it too is likely happening somewhere other than PB.