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Old pub gets new owner, chef & menu. Makes burgers made from bacon.

After acquiring the 18yr-old Beatles-themed Penny Lane Pub in San Marcos, the new owner tapped Rob Conaway (creator of and these sweet Thanksgiving leftover recipes) to replace the old frozen-and-fried menu with food so fresh, 1991 Will Smith is considering suing, then eating it. The crew is also aiming to steer the décor and theme away from the Beatles and more towards punk, but to start they're making their presence known with showstopping handhelds like the:

For Pete's Sake: Inspired by a patron's “bacon, bacon, and more bacon” response when owner Pete asked regulars what they'd like to see on the menu, this porky three-way starts with a 25% ground bacon patty, then gets topped with roasted pork belly & bacon apple chutney.

Becks and Posh: Modern Cockney for “nosh” and English for “people you wish would disappear from celebrity magazines/earth”, this monster's slathered with sweet jalapeno aioli and deep-fried ratatouille.

Fuego: Nearly as hot as the soccer moms that frequent the “En” variety in Del Mar, this burger's laced with candied jalapenos and a ghost chili aioli.

Upon Tyne: Stacked with capicola, salami, roasted turkey breast and Swiss, this goes well with Newcastle, historically speaking.

9hr Briscuit (SP?) Sandwich: Dipped in glorious jus, this guy's got jalapeno slaw, scallion aioli, and a slow-roasted aromatic brisket they keep in a "super-secret" dry rub overnight, mostly just so they can tell it, "yo homes, smell you later!".