The East Village goes further East

Chasing the dragon can have disastrous results; just look at that movie with Matthew McConaughey, Two for the Money, which he clearly had to be on heroin to agree to. For a less dangerous, even sexier run-in with the beast: The Dragon's Den.

From the "seasoned operator" behind High Tide (now Firehouse) and Suite & Tender, the Den's a left-handed stones throw from PETCO with stadium views, fire pit patio seating, and a monstrous front horseshoe bar & back dining room/sushi bar, all designed as a "lounge first, restaurant second", presumably 'cause they couldn't get away with Burt Reynold's design, "lounge always". Mythic looseness comes via just under 20 wines and sakes, as well as a smattering of signature elixirs like the Sagatiba/ bitters/ginger beer "Grey and Stormy", the tequila/ St. Germaine/ Sriracha/ soda "Dragon's Breath", and the ginger/ Rock Sake Cloud/ lemongrass syrup "Dragon's Tail" -- too many tugs, and you'll almost certainly get burned. Though the specialties are Chinese dumplings like Boiled Pork & Chive and Crispy Beef Curry, the extensive, "globally infused Chinese and Japanese" menu's also got apps like Beef Brisket & Hoisin Green Onion Wraps, and group shareables like Pork Szechuan with sauteed "ma po tofu", presumably named for what pioneering Chinese chefs lamented before Americans got comfortable with bean curd.

For grub in the raw, they're also rocking all the sushi standards, and specialties like the spicy tuna-topped shrimp tempura "Dragon's Den Roll" - which sounds like a great one, although clearly, Matthew will just take any.