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The Gaslamp gets a little Italy

From a dude so Italian he turned down a role in The Italian Job because it wasn't Italian enough comes Cremolose: it's the mod-interior'd first US incarnation of an Italian concept named for a specific subset of gelato that's so popular in Europe, it once hooked up with Pippa and didn't even ask for her mobile afterwards.

Bask in knowledge as you learn about:

The Bar: After the bartender whips you up a cocktail like the Woodford Reserve Wood-hattan, the blood orange cremolose/ gin/ Aperol/ blood orange liqueur “Solerno”, or the chipotle vodka/ ChocoVine/ fresh whipped cream Aztec, tell him "grazie", as that's Italian for "this drink is just good enough for me not to have numerous affairs with several female members of your extended family". The Kitchen: Don't you dare say "grazie" to the waiter until he fetches you Carpaccio di Funghi with a lemon truffle oil dressing, authentic brick-fired pizzas like the smoked salmon/ mascarpone/ capers/ onions/ and basil olive oil dressing Salmone, or a Parma e Buffala panini -- then still don't say it, and watch him freak out.

The Sweets: If dentists label your teeth "sweet", feel free to snag around 40 personal-sized cakes, 24 flavors of housemade gelato, and another 24 flavors of the namesake cremolose imported straight from Italy, a country that would be a lot more popular in Europe if there were a hell of a lot more Italian Jobs.