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Japanese/Italian seafood reaches new heights

Sor(t)a Japanese and Sor(t)a Italian, Sora's a cavernous new eatery in the bayside financial district boasting an 8000sqft contemporary dining space with an oversized bar, outdoor lounge with modern Japanese artwork, and a kitchen run by ex-Nobu Exec Chef Noriyoshi Teruya, who'll be preparing a “Milano-Tokyo”-inspired menu, probably from the time she starred in that Japanese spinoff, “Who's the Jou-Shi?”. Despite being named “sky” in Japanese, Sora and its sub-$20 menu items mostly come straight from the sea, including Italianese plays on classics like Tartare Amaebi (seasoned sweet shrimp, white soy sauce & wasabi mousse), or Edamame Ravioli with dashi broth and yuzu kosho. For the ballsier eater, they've got several uses for those urchins of the sea, including Uni & Dungeness Crab Pasta with roe, scallions & miso-sauce-topped fusilloni noodles, and the Uni Pizza with tomato, ricotta, burrata, sweet corn, and sea urchin roe, which famously squared off against sea urchin wade in a legal battle that still divides the sea urchin community to this day. To wash down all that sea urchin, they've got loads of wine plus a selection of imported beer & sake, and a 15-strong specialty 'tail menu with dranks like the Glenlivet/ Fernet/ honey/ red apple “Fernet About It”, which, after drinking, will Sora make you Fernet to pronounce your T's as well.