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Because the hyena only gets, like, scraps

Published On 12/19/2011 Published On 12/19/2011

From a couple of like-minded partners you'll frequently see mingling and, more importantly, mixing behind the wraparound, copper-topped bar, TLS's a cozy, eclectic hideaway (furnished with taxidermied antelope heads and Chinese reproductions of famous paintings tweaked by local artists) that's all about "meticulously crafted" cocktails and exotic meats, so expect to see a lot of Dolph Lundgren.

Because San Diegans are a fat, sad people intensely health-conscious, the menu prominently features gamier meats for their leanness, and runs from radical starters like antelope sliders stacked with smoked Gouda/ red onion marmalade, to feral-beast belly-fillers like bourbon-glazed wild boar ribs, buffalo Bolognese with bone marrow, and a grass-fed beef burger with wild boar bacon/ fried duck egg/ smoked cheddar/ shallots appropriately titled "Animal Style", proudly rocking the quotation marks so In-N-Out's lawyers don't give them the ol' In-N-Out. Libations pay homage to the good ol' days with classics like the Pisco Sour, twisted classics like the Papa Hemingway with orange bitters instead of simple syrup, and straight-up original stunners like the Monks Gone Wild (strawberry-infused Pimms/Green Chartreuse/ lemon/ ginger beer) and the wallop-packing anejo/ maraschino/ Bärenjäger/ bitters El Oso, which means "the bear" in Spanish and "the drink that will eventually make you try to sext your ex" in English.

Knowing their hop-head audience, they're kicking off with eight bottled brews and the same amount of taps pouring the choicest of locals, plus slightly rarer finds like apple-infused Éphémère from Unibroue and Prima Pils from Victory, which Dolph will inevitably claim after taking a sip and realizing it doesn't have a Rocky finish.

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1. The Lion's Share 629 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101 (Gaslamp Quarter)

Don't let the taxidermy, mismatched chandeliers, and surrealist paintings distract you from the food and drink at The Lion's Share (easier said than done, we know). This quirky, hunter's den of a restaurant satisfies your carnivorous side with a game-heavy menu of wild boar bolognese, chicken fried quail, elk loin steak, and bison tartare. You don't have to be a totally adventurous eater though to take part in the fun: the menu includes tamer plates like an aged white Cheddar-topped burger, hand-cut truffle fries, and roast chicken. Both the expected and unexpected offerings pair well with whiskey cocktails and if you can handle it, absinthe.



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