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The Omni's Carnivore Flatbread

Published On 08/19/2011 Published On 08/19/2011
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1. The Omni's Carnivore Flatbread 675 L St, San Diego, CA 92101

Take the lift to the sixth-floor Terrace Bar & Grill to chill by the pool or in their umbrella'd, cordoned-off patio (as of recently, you don't have to be a guest), and mack on an off-menu opposite-day item that turns their already-delicious vegetarian flatbread into a meat-bearing monster with southwestern pesto, artichoke hearts, sauteed wild mushrooms, oven-dried tomatoes, green onions, black olives, mozz, and Spanish chorizo on whole wheat. For a refreshing bonus, order up an "off-the-radar" Michelada with Mexi-lager, lime, and a splash of house bloody mary mix, garnished with the crime Dominique Wilkins got life for: a salted rim.