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Fresh noon-time eats in East Village

You may know that the masterminds behind C&C recently picked up culinary heavy-hitter Jason McLeod (who won two Michelin stars running Ria in Chicago) to open their upcoming North Park eatery. But what you don't know is, in the meantime, dude got mad bored hanging around hatcheting redcoats in Assassin's Creed, and decided to change up Craft's daytime eats. Ditching the counter-ordered sandwiches and salads, the menu's now broken into two categories: “Craft”, for those who have time to stick around and savor their midday meal, and “Commerce”, for folks who desperately need to get back to their Office Space, because that movie is hilarious

Craft:Rest your bones while devouring the marrow out of these ones served with tomato and arugula salad, toasted sourdough, and flame-grilled lemon.

This fried chicken spends its first (or last?) 24hrs in a brine, then gets tossed in seasoned flour before being served with chipotle buttermilk slaw and a spicy red chili vinegar.

Commerce: Because you were too busy Zumba-ing to break your fast, meet it halfway (through the day) with this fried egg-laced prosciutto, goat cheese & arugula sandwich served open-faced on sourdough.

Snugly nestled in an extra-soft Mexican roll, the slow-roasted, 50/50 veal & beef balls used for the Chicken Fried Meatball sando are loaded with ricotta, Parmesan, and milk-soaked white bread, before getting dipped in buttermilk/ seasoned flour and fried to hold in moisture, a process which, counter-intuitively, does not turn them blue.

Because the only thing that should be getting smashed at the office is that damn fax machine, the bar added some lower-alcohol “Working Class Cocktails” that will do to a day what news of Lundbergh-sex will do to a relationship: break it up.