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Milanese street food and housemade sweet vermouth

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After seeing the space between UnderBelly and their own restaurant open up, the Milanese couple behind Bencotto decided to double-up with Monello ( or “naughty little boy”) to serve up traditional street-food from their homeland and -- if the name is any indication -- annoy the hell out of its big brother Ben next door. In honor of your impending gluttony, check out the makings of a perfect meal:

Jennifer Queen's handling the bar program, which revolves around the 27-ingredient, housemade sweet vermouth they recommend trying on the rocks with an orange twist.

To taste it as a modifier, move on down the list to the twelve cocktails featuring the stuff, including this gin/ Campari Negroni. Play your cards right (by ordering between 4-7p) and the chef will send out a trio of small bites with each drink.

Instead of artificially dyed sugar-water and ice made by a sad looking dog wearing a sweater, this not-sno-cone comes loaded with raspa dura, a young Lodogiano cheese favored by children in Italy who eat it like this, and somehow still make our children look fat.

Unable to import certain sausages because of The (American Customs) Man, they tracked down an outfit that makes them in the traditional style in New Jersey.

Wrapped in Piadina (a traditional Italian flatbread), this thinly-sliced deliciousness is Porchetta: skin-on pork belly wrapped around pork loin and slow-roasted.

After maturing their dough for three days, they'll bake you up a pie like the signature Monello with spinach, roasted bell peppers, sausage, and a mound of that cheese not-fat little Italian kids eat like sno-cones.

If you haven't already downed so many Negronis you've started telling sad stories about your chubby childhood, try this housemade cinnamon gelato that they'll drown in more sweet vermouth!

Then complete the night by washing down that boozy gelato with a house-infused grappa cocktail, like this one with candied ginger, cinnamon, pressed lime, bitters & ginger beer.