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Sip while you sup

After breathing new life into their already impressive sake/ soju menu, the Harniest makers of miso in town are rolling out an all-new, seven-strong libation list (plus tweaking the existing seven) that concentrates on natural and fresh ingredients to “challenge your definition of a cocktail”, especially if you just assumed it meant rooster butt. Heroic highlights from the list include: Pool Time at the Bellagio: Approximately three times as delicious as The Mirage version, this “Japanese spritzer” stirs up Benvolio Pinot Grigio with Hana Fuga peach sparkling sake and sage. Summer Sojito: Made specifically to fit with our one season, this bad boy's stirred with muddled kumquat, lime, mint, cane syrup, and Han Soju, which's definitely strong enough to drink Solo. Ya, It's My Bday: Most appropriate when uttered sarcastically to 50 Cent, and second-most-appropriate when ordered after your meal, this dessert-y bev is made with more Han Soju, Tanzan Japon Sake, Kotsuzumi Yuzu Sparkling Sake, Black Raspberry Izze, and French vanilla. Seven Herb Samurai: With ginger beer, lemongrass agave syrup, and seven-herb-infused soju, this warrior promises to “change your palate”, or, failing that, at least challenge your definition of “herb”.