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Hillcrest's newest Asian tacos

Not just that one highway where delicious Mexican foods drive at extremely high speeds, Taco Banh's also a cozy “Asian-inspired taqueria” serving its namesake Viet-sandwich, helmed by the ex-exec chef of Del Mar's Paradise Grille, who's cooking up a fast-casual menu centered around extra-tender, 15hr-sous-vide meats in the 31-seat, former Caffe Vergnano, now having gained a few patio seats, paper lanterns, and a tower of Sriracha, which should cut down on the AC bill by keeping things nice and chili.

Adjust your monocle and scope their:

Tacos: Snag the second-best type of handheld (sorry, but nothing's beating Game Gear) stuffed with the likes of braised Kobe beef with Mexican crema/ sambal fresca/ eel BBQ sauce, or achiote chicken with cucumber papaya slaw, pickled daikon, and Sriracha crema.

Banhs: Sandwiches come with most of the typical toppings in salad form on the side until your GF notices them texting you at 3a and puts an end to that! so as not to taint the stars of the Kobe (caramelized onions, shiitakes, blue cheese, and a horseradish aioli) or Pork with pulled pig/ arugula/ pickles/ Swiss/ spicy Asian mustard/ and miso crisp bacon.

Plates: If you absolutely insist on using utensils, check out meals like achiote chicken with avocado corn and crispy tortilla, or the Fuji apple slaw/ chipotle chutney/ sticky rice paired Lemon Grass Pork, also what Charlie Sheen did at extremely high speed after kidnapping Lemon Grass in a convenience store using only a candy bar.