Food & Drink

...Will inevitably make you say things you regret

If you just think cocktail dinners are what old boring people have with their old boring friends to give themselves an excuse to get liquored up and have weird sexual tension with that one dude's Pilates instructor wife, well... crap, that kind of sounds awesome, and is hopefully just part of what you can expect at West Coast Tavern's First Ever Cocktail Dinner

Taking place two weeks from tomorrow (but reserve your spot now as this is going to sell the F out), the four-course, cocktail-paired meal will feature mostly Death's Door booze concoctions (and demonstrations!), plus sustenance like white whiskey-poached sea bass and a dessert featuring caramelized bacon. But why waste time with words, when you can just stare provocatively at these alluring pictures and whisper to them "meet me by the linen closet closest to the guest bathroom?".