Malarkey and White join forces to stuff your face

If you like Searsucker, Burlap, and Gingham, you have pretty disgusting taste in clothing, but will totally love Gabardine. Brian Malarkey's freshest fabric-dubbed eat spot just hit Point Loma, with a Rumpelstiltskin-spun menu by Chad White (straight gold, son!) stuffed so full of “Portuguese-esque seafood bar cuisine”, they probably should have called it Herringbone... unless that's actually his next place. In the meantime, feast your pupils on:

The Interior: The 3000sqft space houses a stone-topped, L-shaped bar with sea-glass/ -life inlaid into the base, wooden lobster pots, communal tables with central holes to easily sweep away shuck shards, and bare Edison bulbs dangling from antique fishing rods that must've been way ahead of their time, seeing how now they cast for you, even if it is just light.

The Food: White's broken the menu down into “-bar” categories (cold/ hot/ aged/ fried) and stuffed it with adventurous bits like live local sea urchin, swordfish bone marrow with piri piri & Himalayan salt, shark corn dogs, squid & chorizo sausage with corn relish and egg, and a “HAMburger” with jalapeno aioli, onion, and apple-currant jam, which is much better than the apple-from-three-months-ago kind.

The Drinks: Fresh off turning Japanese for Gaijin, the hombres at Snake Oil are stocking Mexican plays on Spanish kalimotxo cocktails (mixing Mexi-Coke/ -Sprite/ -apple soda with red wine) and an “aperitif-based” program including the Cocchi Americano/ fresh lemonade/ late harvest white wine Sailor, though unlike an actual sailor finally coming to port, this one's taste is significantly less disgusting.