Food & Drink

Even meatier than AC

Without trial and error, modern life would be very different: Edison would've never gone on a quest for electric lighting, and, well, OJ Simpson. For the results of much more palatable trials, check out Slater's 50/50.

From a bacon-obsessed SDSU grad, 50/50's the first SD iteration of a sporty restaurant loaded with an appropriate 50 flatscreens and a way-more-appropriate 111 taps, all born from the brilliant idea of making a burger completely out of bacon, which required a few attempts to perfect: solid pork belly steak was too flammable, and ground bacon alone was just a little too rich, but they finally perfected it by adding an equal portion of the beef, so... yeah, that's where it is. All-star menu items include burgers like the original 50/50 (50% Sterling Silver beef/ 50% ground Mohawk bacon patty) loaded with a sunny side-up egg/ avo mash/ pepper jack/ chipotle mayo, the Peanut Butter and Jellousy with an all-beef patty topped with thick-cut bacon, PB, and strawberry J on a honey wheat bun, and endless make-your-own creations with choices like bacon-infused ketchup and ghost chili-infused "Fire Beef", also what they call it when two dudes get in a fight in the comments section of Chicago's soccer blog. Because burgers get lonely without beer, the front patio will keep sun-seekers sated with a local-only 11-tap bar, while the indoor rack of 100 taps contains no repeats and covers the entire spectrum of locals to faraways like Chicago's Goose Island, Belgium's St. Bernardus, Colorado's Avery, and literally 97 others.

If you've been reading this whole time just to learn about desserts, here comes your payoff: they're rocking a Famous Bacon Brownie with Ghirardelli chocolate and chopped bacon, as well as others like a Guinness mint chocolate/ maple bacon/ pumpkin pie custom milkshake, which hopefully won't bring The Juice to the yard, as that doesn't typically end well.