Food & Drink

The truth is here, the truth is here

Tired of eating plastic bananas and grapes out of the bowls at Restoration Hardware? Of course not, that never gets tiring, but you'll probably still want to hit True Food Kitchen for fresh/ sustainable/ local/ not-plastic food that'll actually make you feel better thanks to its adherence to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Food Pyramid constructed by Dr. Andrew Weil, who'll ensure you don't get round and round-er. But forget about all that health-talk and mack down on:

Sandwiches: Healthy people eat with their hands too; they just wash them first. So get on that, then get on this grass-fed, umami-laden bison burger with mushroom & onion on a flax seed bun.

Pizza: Like this number with tomato, fennel, fontina, and chicken sausage, which was born a wiener, so it really has no excuse for not standing up for itself.

The Sweet Stuff: This strawberry rhubarb crisp actually is healthy somehow. If you eat it, you will lose weight and gain chest hair and have handsome children that will be successful and generous (NOTE: statements not confirmed by the Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Food Pyramid).

Drink: They'll be juicing all sorts of stuff at the juice bar to mix into concoctions like the coconut water/ honeydew/ pineapple so-called “Hangover Rx”, which is perfect for combating the effects of a night where your own Weils fall off.