Food & Drink

Adult-worthy food in a haven of coeds

Traditionally, the only things consumed on PB patios are Olde English 40s and car fumes, but The Patio is aiming to change that. Set to bring farm-fresh food to the starved PB masses, the crew behind TP has taken over the former Lamont St Grill (leaving the patio fireplace in... place), contented to make the spot all their own via a living wall, tables made from fallen Torrey Pines, and “vintage crystal” so pricey, Breaking it would be very Bad. The Food: Spicing things up with an on-site herb garden, Chef John Medall (formerly of Red Circle) is plating global fare ranging from mint-/ basil-spiced Vietnamese shrimp spring rolls with hoisin & spicy peanut sauce, to roasted pork loin/ Black Forest ham/ gruyere “Cuban” sandwiches, to Lamb Osso Buco with a mint demi-glace & Israeli couscous.The Booze: Aside from their “approachable” wines by the half-glass and flight, they've got nearly 20 “culinary-based cocktails” that run the gamut from classics (Manhattan, Pisco Sour, etc) to specialties like the mold-breaking gin/ Orange Curacao/ lemon/ egg white/ peach bitters “White Lady”, which usually just involves kamikaze shots and depressingly straightforward missionary sex. The Brunch: A deft combo of the food and booze(!), weekend brunch involves bites like Eggs Rothschild (poached w/ bearnaise, spinach & filet of beef) and Jack Daniels Dutch Pancakes with bananas/ apples/ berry compote/ chantilly cream, all washed down with brunch-only tipples like a weekly changing pitcher of Brunch Punch, or a bourbon & peach bitters “Beezer”, also the name of a British comic typically familiar only to the Olde and English.