Food & Drink

Play with your food!

Shabu World is a relocated OC-er's answer to SD's serious lack of choice hot pot eats, rectifying said shortcoming with cook-your-own "shabu shabu" cuisine, which translates from the Japanese word for the sound meat makes when cooking in hot oil, as they apparently lack a word for "Ow!!".

Get in there and:

Choose Your Beef: Though before you select "subliminally dissing Nas in The Blueprint", you may want to consider pork and chicken, or aquatic beasts like scallops, mussels, and salmon.

Make Your Broth: Start with a little soy sauce, then show people you used to watch Emeril by adding fresh radish, garlic, and onion. If you aren't down with the traditional seaweed-spiked base, you will offend them, but whatever, enjoy your Miso, Spicy, or Sukiyaki.

Ignore the Vegetables: Yep. You heard right.

Dip That Ish: Daintily drop meat/ not veggies in a peanut or ponzu sauce, either of which you can heat up with a sesame oil so spicy that old p*rn channel actually watches it.

Celebrating the opening through the end of February, they're letting 21-and-uppers have their choice of a gratis small or large sake, which translates from the Japanese word for calling your ex at 3a just to "check in and let her know you're totally doing great".